Commander's Message


    Can you believe that Spring is in the air? Sometimes when we look out the window, it's hard to conceive it to be true. Have to admit, it has been somewhat of a mild winter, but it will sure be good to have birds chirping and the grass growing again. Not only is spring a time for a change in the weather and everthing coming alive, but it is also the start of Daylight Saving Time. Remember to move your clocks forward on March 8th. Our last Post meeting under winter hours will be on March 14th at 2pm.

     March also brings on election season. Nomination sheets will be published on the bulletin board in preparation for the Post elections.  Election night at the Post will happen during our meeting on April 9th.  We had a really great team of officers over the course of the last year and many great things have been accomplished. It has been an absolute honor to serve as your Commander for the past year and I thank each and every one of you for your support.  Post members, Auxiliary members, Rider members as well as friends and family of the VFW.  Your support is important to our survival and I thank you for all that you have done.

     I would also like to thank Charles Savidge for all his hard work and dedication over the years as Quartermaster for our Post.  He has decided to fully retire and it will be very sad to no longer have him in that position.  Thank you Charles for a job well done!!!  I would also like to thank Ken Erb for his 11+ years of dedication as the Adjutant.  Thank you Ken.  You and Charles will be missed in you respective positions.

     Spring also brings a great time to get the yard cleaned up from the winter damage and plant the seeds that produce enjoyment all summer long. I really need your help at our annual spring clean-up which will be on Saturday, April 27th.  We will give the Post a spring face-lift and then enjoy some goodies from the grill for all who provide their support.

          Enclosed you will find a donation envelope to help support the building and maintenance of our Post.  This is our “Bakeless Bake Sale”.  Please do what you can to help us replace the ceiling in our dining hall.  It will be greatly appreciated.


“Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it….it flies with the last breath of each combat veteran who died protecting it.”



Quartermaster's Report

     If you haven’t renewed your membership for 2020 please do so right away to keep our membership current. Our membership is currently at 88.74 percent. We are on the way to 100% again this year. Let’s make it happen!

     I want to encourage you to return the Building Fund Envelope with whatever you can contribute to help/fix things in need of repair at your Post.

Quartermaster, Charles Savidge

Service Officers Report


     Please contact the Post if you know of either a Post or Auxiliary member that is sick or deceased so that appropriate action can be taken.  Also, be sure and notify the Post when a member is hospitalized at SMC. The Post will pay a maximum of $50 per year of TV for any of our members during their hospital stay.


Reported sick/or in Care:

Samaritan Hospital:  Jerry McGraw, John Rae


In Memoriam: Ronald Booth, Peter Augustine

Membership Report for 2020

Life                              234

New                                 1

Reinstated                      0

Continuous                   33

Total                              302 Projected By HQS

Percent                      88.74%



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