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Veterans Of Foreign Wars, Barben-Jones Post 1400


On October 26,1925, 50 members of the Spanish-American War and World War I gathered and signed a charter forming the Watertown, Barben-Jones Post 1400, Veterans of Foreign Wars. It was named after Walter Barben and Heram Jones who were killed in World War I.


Membership was granted only to men who had seen active duty in a foreign theatre of war.


Now 86 years later it is comprised of both men and women from all foreign wars who have fought valiantly to uphold the Democracy of the United States of America.


We have strived throughout the years to present an active, energetic, dedicated organization that would be a service both to veterans and to the community of Watertown.


We extend a special invitation to all who have served in foreign wars to come join our ranks.


We will endeavor to make you proud to wear the Cross of Malta which is the symbol of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and offer the opportunity to become active in Veterans' affairs.

Walter Barben

Cross of Malta

Heram Jones

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